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Ideal for Inside + Outside Use

Pamela was attracted to Mosaic because the philosophy it creation does reflect life. The gathering, organizing and assemblage of materials, was a visual hook for her 2 dimensional design expertise. Pamela was not satisfied with broken dinner ware parts + filled rubble. To her, it had to embrace the simplicity, Harmony and Organic Nature of a Zen Garden. It is a dance of order + chaos. Pamela has worked with high fire porcelain clay + glaze for 40 years. She makes + glazes all the tiles and the large feature Rodger Mosaic pieces.

Rock, pebble, slate collecting comes naturally to Pamela. Her mother was an avid fossil hunter and soap stone carver.

The glass pieces are from all over the world and some from glass artisans.

In the Rodger Mosaic designs, the final mosaic images are a playful treasure of textures, colors + pattern. Some have a strong narrative quality and others are more abstract. And they all hold a sense of mystery and magic.

                                  One of a Kind Hand Crafted Made with Passion to Perfection

It was synchronicity that Bruce was attracted to the mosaic pattern and construction. And yet it was not surprising. In his history, he had played the French horn in the Regina Symphony . So he was naturally attuned to knowing how parts make up a whole.

Bruce is very skilled at the construction application. And also he has acquired a number of tile and water slate saws. He is obsessive about tile levels, grout consistency, dremelling edges, kiln + equipment repair.