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Artist Resume: Porcelain Artist Pamela Rodger 

over 45 years as a professional, working artist.

Calgary, Alberta, 

(403) 254-8100  e-mail to [email protected]


1977, 76, 75 College of Fine Arts + College of Education, University of Saskatchewan,

1969, 68, 67

1999 to 95 Banff Centre of the Arts, Alberta

1982, 81, 80 (Juried, extended residencies in Ceramics Program)


Alberta Craft Council (A.C.C.) for…….26 years

Bragg Creek Artisans + in B.C.A. Christmas Art show for….34 years


2010-2020 Group + Solo, Permanent Installation, Bow Valley Ranche, Restoration

Society, Artist Garden, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary AB.

2005 Group, A.C.C. membership, Alberta Craft Council , Edmonton, Alberta

2002 Juried, “Craft vs. Art”, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

2001 Group, “Go Figure”, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

2000 Juried, “Alberta Mud Fever”, Alberta Potter’s, Calgary, Alberta

Juried, “Speculations”, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

1999 Group, “Tea for the Taking”, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

1998 Group, “Karamus”, Works Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

Group, “Visions of Transformation”, Center Galley, Calgary, Alberta

Group, Greek/Canadian Ceramic Symposium, Athens, Greece

Group, Greek/Canadian Ceramic Symposium, Etymon, Crete

Group, Old Courthouse Gallery, Red Deer, Alberta

Juried, “Voices from the Source”, Center Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1996 Group, Greek/Canadian Ceramic Symposium, Banff Centre in Calgary, Alberta

Group, Art in Terminal 3, Bronfman Collection, Pearson Airport, Toronto, Ont.

Group, “Role of Ritual”, Banff Centre of the Arts, Banff, Alberta

Group, “Tribute”, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

1993 Juried, “A Taste of Claridge”, Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ont.

Juried, “Crafts in the Community”, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

Group, “Celebratory Bowl”, Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ont.

Group, Canadian Ceramics, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, U.S. A.

1994 to 1992 Performer and Visual Artist, Sacred Space Theatre, Calgary, Alberta

1992 Juried, 25 Anniversary, Sadie Bronfman, private collection, Montreal, Que.

1991 One person, Nickle Art Museum, University of Calgary, Calgary, Albert a

1989 Juried, National Biennial Ceramic Exhibition, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

1988 One person, Gulf Canada Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

Juried, 3rd National Biennial of Ceramics, Trois Riviers, Quebec

Juried, “Going for Gold”, Alberta Potters, Calgary, Alberta

1987 Group, Alberta Potter’s Association, Muttart Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

Juried, Olympic Games Craft Show at Gulf Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1986 Group, “Contemporary Sculpture”, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S.

1984 Group, “Contemporary Porcelain”, Marsil Museum, St.Lambert, Quebec

Juried, “Clay Sculpture 84”, B.C. Potters’ Guild, Robson Sq. Vancouver, B.C.

Juried, “B.C. Festival of the Arts”, Penticton, B.C.

1982 Group, “New Directions in Clay”, Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff, Alberta

Juried, “Ceramics 83”, Robson Sq., B.C. Potters’ Guild, Vancouver, B.C.

1981 Juried, “Exceptional Pass”, Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff, Alberta

One person, Muttart Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

1980 Group, Clay Symposium II, Walter Phillips Art Gallery, Banff Centre, Banff, Alt.

Group, “Ceramics 80”, Robson Sq., B.C. Potters’ Guild, Vancouver, B.C.

1979 Group, “Ceramics 79”, Robson Sq. B.C. Potters’ Guild, Vancouver, B.C.

1981,79,78 One person, Prince George Art Gallery, Prince George, B.C.

1978 Juried, “Ceramics 78”, Robson Sq. B.C. Potters’ Guild, Vancouver, B.C


1997 Alberta Foundation of the Arts, Visual Arts Project Grant, Gov’t of Alberta

1996 Greek/Canadian Symposium, Banff Centre of the Arts Residency, Banff, Alt.

1995 Louise McKinney Post Secondary Scholarship: Alberta Heritage Fund, Alt.

Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Scholarship, Banff Centre of the Arts, Banff, Alt.

1984 Travel allocation “B.C. Festival of the Crafts”, Penticton, B.C.

1982 B. C. Craftsmen’s travel allocation to Canadian Craft Conf., Halifax, N.S.

Full scholarship for Clay Symposium IV, Banff Centre of the Arts, Alberta

Travel allocation and Workshop fees for B.C. Festival of the Crafts, Kamloops

1980 Tuition scholarship, Porcelain Forms, Banff Centre of the Arts, Banff, Alberta

Full scholarship for Clay Symposium II, Banff Centre of the Arts, Banff, Alberta

1978 Cash Award, “Ceramics 79”, British Columbia Potter’s Guild

1977 Cash Award, Saskatoon Potter’s Guild, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Sask.


Cuba, Venice, Bali, Greece (twice), Belize (four times), Mexico (three times), Honduras, Guatemala, Italy (twice), England, 

United States (twelve times) +Kauai (3 times), Costa Rica,


2007, 06 Art and Craft Judge, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta

1998 Jury, “Clay and Stone, A.C.C., Edmonton, Alberta

1993 Jury, Alberta Potter’s Assoc. Scholarship Project, Calgary, Alberta

1991 Guest Curator, “Martin Brothers Ceramics”, Nickle Art Museum, Calgary,

1990 Jury, “A Different Point of View”, A.P.A.3rd Ceramic Symposium, Calgary

1987 Jury, Olympic Venues, A.C.C., Calgary, Alberta

1984 Curate, “Artists Collect” and “100 Years of Craft in Prince George”

Prince George Art Gallery, Prince George, B.C.


1998 “Kerameiki Techni”,(issue 27) Greek Ceramic magazine, Athens, Greece

“Brush Strokes and Cow Pokes”, (Promised Land series) C.B.C.

1996 “The Creators”, Canadian Women’s Television Network, Banff Alberta

1992 “Blue Buffalo”, Western Canadian Literary Magazine, (artist retrospect)

1991 “Contact Ceramics Magazine”, A.P.A., (submitted article)

1990 “Contact Ceramics Magazine”, Alberta Potter’s Association, (artist profile)

1988 “Artist Profile”, Cable 10 Television, Calgary, Alberta


2020 to 1982 Member of the Bragg Creek Artisans

2020 to 2010 Bow Valley Ranche, Artist Garden Project, Branded Patio, Calgary AB.

2016 to 2008 Millarville Summer Farmer’s Market + Christmas fair, AB.

2018 to 1977 Operates Pottery / Sculpture and Painting Studio, Calgary, Alberta

Sales by retail, wholesale and consignment in trade shows and personally

2004 to 2001 Owns /operates “Full Moon Gallery”, Bragg Creek, Alberta

2000 to 1985 Owns/operates “Fine Line Craft Gift Store”, Bragg Creek, Alberta

2000 to 1985 Lectures, slide shows, demonstrations on clay, and life as an artist

1984 to 1979 Artist/teacher, Outreach Program, Emily Carr College of Art, Vancouver

1982 to 1977 Creator + teacher of 2 year accredited Ceramics Program,

College of New Caledonia, Prince George, British Columbia


Claridge Collection (Bronfman Foundation), Montreal, Quebec

Alberta Art Foundation, Beaver House, Edmonton, Alberta

Franklin Silverstone Fine Arts Inc., Public Collection, Montreal, Quebec

Air Canada, J.M. Donaldson, Dorval, Montreal, Quebec

Banff Centre of the Arts, Banff, Alberta

 Amoco Convention gifts from 1987 to 1990, Calgary, Alberta

Artisan Gardens, Bow Valley Ranche, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary, AB.