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Porcelain * Durable * High Fire * Lead Free *

Potter's wheel + slab hand Made * Not caste from molds * Crystalline Glaze Structure

One of  A Kind * Decorative + Functional 

All of these images are examples of my work. They are not available for sale. I no longer do production lines.

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hand made porcelain
hand made porcelain
hand made porcelain
hand made porcelain

For 47 years I have worked as an artist,a gallery owner and a teacher. I fell in love with high fire, white, porcelain clay,because the clean colors and clarity of decoration suited my personal nature. I no longer make production lines.

The decorative and functional clay pieces that I make, in an electric kiln to 2345 degrees F. Since the heat radiates and does not come from a combustible fire, the glaze colors are clean and bright with rich penetrating hues.​ 

 Like all clay artists, my glaze chemistry is from personal research. I have used the same white glaze for decades, as a pivotal point for a wide variety of colors and effects. My glaze chemistry grows small crystal structures within variables provided by natural minerals, kiln heat, time and barometric pressure.

The glaze is airbrushed in fine coats, so that during the firing process, there is room for the glaze to flow and grow the crystals. Each firing varies according to glaze application, heat movement and outside barometric pressure. 

Handmade, organic texture
Alberta Hand Made porcelain
Alberta Hand Made
Alberta Hand Made porcelain

Porcelain is a white, hard, smooth, dense clay. Building with porcelain requires careful timing + even drying. But I can use the tricky properties of porcelain to stress + crack it. This leaves organic, crack patterns on the surface. Once the piece of porcelain has soft edges and a drier centre, I use a rolling pin to thin + flatten it. This is the point that the cracks appear. The next stage of drying is crucial. Uneven drying may cause the deeper cracks to split the piece open. That may make it interesting, but not functional. Once the piece is totally dry, it goes into the kiln for the bisque stage. After that, I paint a solution of water and red iron oxide or cobalt + manganese onto the porous clay body. I sponge the excess off, until the mineral deposit remains only in the cracks. Then I apply brush strokes of wax resist onto the textured surface, before glazing + airbrushing the colors on. The piece is fired in a kiln to 2,355 degrees F. The unglazed porcelain areas naturally produce a thin glaze on it, from the silica in the clay body. Use it like any other piece of pottery.

               Creative, Hand Made Style In Serving Dishes

Pottery is frequently made on the potter’s wheel. But in the case of my hand - built pottery, I start with thin sheets of wet clay. I drape them over forms and let them dry to the consistency of hard chocolate. At that stage, I shape and carve the clay to achieve a desired form. They are not cast, mould or pressed out in duplication. No two shapes are the same. Yet they are closely related, so they make up sets of dishes. The smooth white nature of the porcelain makes them elegant and refined. The suggestion of dense color on a white background stimulates vivid energy.They are exquisite treasures that ensure the unique quality of us as precious individuals.Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

From the Garden of Earthly Delight

This method of drawing on my pottery and my feature mosaic pieces is made of the same high fire, durable porcelain.

Decades of drawing and doodling have evolved crazy plants + creatures that lurk under shadows and radiate around corners. I have redrawn these onto the bisque porcelain with a dense oxide pencil.

Some are colored in with mineral oxides.

The drawings are not meant to be tightly crafted images. But rather a resemblance to the drawings done by the 19 century botanist explorers.

Clear, high fire glaze makes it functional dishware..

More examples can be seen in many of the drawings for our Mosaic Tables.

Hand Made + Hand Drawn
Alberta Hand Made Wheel Pottery

I no longer make vast quantities of wheel pottery. But will have some pieces available.

I was introduced to the potter's wheel when I was a student at the University of Saskatchewan 45 years ago. I feel a deep sense of order + inner rhythm when I sit down to throw. I have developed a relationship with the bowl shape that is both practical and metaphysical.

The repetition of action is soothing, meditative and physically productive.