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 Gallery Art Works of Pamela Rodger:

 Selected Sculptural Pieces + Paintings over 45 year career, as a student, teacher, potter, painter, sculptor, performance artist, mosaic builder, gallery owner + curator       

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  As a University taught artist, my first 3 decades were focused on Gallery exhibitions + recognition.

Teaching at a college gave the the motivation to always want to excite my students with their next growth cycle. Travelling to different communities in B.C. as an Out Reach Instructor for the Emily Carr College of Art + Design was a social + stimulating encounter.

I was gratefully in my younger years, to be a recipient of several grants and awards that allowed me to attend the Banff Centre of the Arts where the multi - disciple artists, from all over the world provided a rich ground for inspiration and artistic growth. 

Acrylic Painting Pamela Rodger