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 Artisan Gardens, Branded Patio at Bow Valley Ranche * Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary

Pamela + Bruce Rodger are the creators of RODGER MOSAIC STEPPING STONES "Branded Patio": a part of the Artisans Gardens. 

There are 86  mosaic stepping stones on the lawn behind the Bow Ranche Restaurant. The mosaic stepping stones form a wagon wheel and also looks like a native Medicine Wheel.

 Patrons can leave their personal + family legacy in a public, provincial park. 

Your stepping stone is a story of your connection to community, culture, history, nature + art. Pamela Rodger will help you plan.

 Hand, foot + paw prints,  kids drawing can be made out of hard porcelain clay.

Each 18 inch MOSAIC STEPPING STONE   Personal + Unique     Call Pamela Rodger to help you with the process (403) 254-8100

Porcelain Artist Pamela Rodger hand makes + hand glazes all the feature pieces + tiles. She design the image and adds glass,fossils, pebbles,river rocks, slate + family treasures.

 Bruce Rodger does all the technical work of adhesives, sanded grouts + sealants. He is the back bone of all the physical work of installing + spring maintenance. 

We welcome the families to join as garden volunteers to loving tend the treasured stepping stones.

www.bowvalleyranche.com office: (403) 460-1374 ( enter at Bow Bottom Trail SE )​​

Bow Valley Ranche, Fish Creek Provincial Park , Calgary
Artisan Gardens , Bow Valley Ranche
Artisan Gardens, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary
Branded Patio, Artisan Gardens

Nestled behind the Bow Valley Ranche House and accessible through the Artisan Gardens, the "Branded Patio" will showcase individually crafted 18" mosaic stepping stones in the unique shape of a wagon wheel. Feature mosaic artist Pamela Rodger will customize each stepping stone as per sponsors' requests and will incorporate sponsors' family names and up to 4 hand/foot prints, making you and your children “Ranche Hands + Stepping into the Future”. This unique sponsorship opportunity means stepping stones will be permanently displayed for generations to enjoy. Create your legacy today! 

An Outside (open to the public) Permanent, (12 month out of the year) Gallery now exist in Fish Creek Provincial Park, in Calgary. This was because of the dedication + generosity of people who felt the need to support Art that touched their family story personally. They were supportive of the need to educate + remind the future generation the stories of this land.Yes, we do have other places in Calgary that educate in this manner. But this was different, as the Art work was inspired from "one location where many stories crossed." 

Legacy stepping stone , Branded Patio
Legacy stepping stone, Branded Patio,
Legacy stepping stone Branded Patio
Legacy Stepping Stone Branded Patio

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Material:  Burnco 18 inch. across, 2 inch tick stepping stone

Alberta Hand Made + Hand Glazed Porcelain tiles + Feature pieces by Porcelain Artist Pamela Rodger

River stones/pebbles, Slate, Semi Precious Stones, Fossils, Wide variety of Glass, durable Keep Sake.  

Outdoor Specific, Top quality Adhesives, Polymer Sanded Grouts + Sealants 

One Of a Kind * Abstract + Narrative themes * 

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      Artisan Gardens * Branded Patio

Info to get a family legacy Stepping Stone in the Wagon Wheel behind Ranche

 Bow Valley Ranche, Fish Creek Park, Calgary   www.bowvalleyranche.com

 artist Pamela Rodger (403) 254-8100 [email protected]  www.porcelainartistpamelarodger.com

Each stone is "ONE OF A KIND".. Your family legacy + cultural history

Your clay hand prints (Ranche Hands) are made of high fire, durable, porcelain clay, fired to 2350°Fin an electric kiln. Porcelain is a fine, white clay body that captures the details of life lines and skin creases. The tonal qualities are from rubbing and wiping off, raw red iron oxide onto the bisque clay, before the final firing. The glazed areas of color on the Ranch Hands are reference points that tie them visually to the sky and foliage.

Porcelain gives some qualities that stoneware can not. ln the wet stage, porcelain grabs details of any interference (eg. cloth textures, clumsy fingers etc.). I am cautious in the first drying hours. Once it is leather hard, I can move pieces without it picking up an undesired print. At this point, the Ranch Hand is cut into a smaller shape.

Porcelain is very dense clay and demands even drying stages. At the stage that the clay is as hard as dark chocolate, the Ranch Hand is carved and thinned on the back side, to release clay particle tension.

The kilns in my studio are each 8 cubic feet. The entire kiln must be filled to ensure an even and varied heat distribution. Since these hand prints do not take up a lot of room, I rely on my other pottery stock to complete a kiln load. A bisque firing is approximately 12 hours to reach temperature and 15 hours to cool down. A glaze firing is 12 hours and then 20 to cool down. While the final firing is at a much higher temperature, the kiln at this stage is running on faster temperature increments.

A clay studio is dictated by a rhythm of timing and patterns to accommodate the clay characteristics. But the variables in the earth minerals used for glazes and clay are always a dance between luck and experience.


stepping stone base : cement 18 inches across + 2 inches deep

clay: high fire porcelain, hardest of all clays

glaze (color): earth mineral oxides, doesn't fade + durable for centuries

grout + sealant : U.V. protected, commercial polymer, withstands Alberta winters

natural stone slabs, pebbles, fossils: mountain + prairie rock picking

glass : historic ltalian Smelti, Murano + American hand made… color + integrity for over 100 years

Patron pre-studio visit - preparation:

Gather a few small pebbles, fossils or hard keep sakes, metal, that you may want in stepping stone,

Choose ONE category from the 4 listed below. From that category, choose ONE main aspect that

touches you or your family personally.

1. Geography + geology (glacier, terrain, prehistoric creatures, fossils, pictographs)

2. Horticulture (wild or domesticated)

3. Wildlife (includes birds, insects, fish, reptiles, farm animals)

4. Sociology (paleo natives, aboriginals, Blackfoot Nation, ranchers, settlers, past+ present +

future legacy holders, children)